Clogged Drains And Sewer Cleaning


With a clogged drain or a sewer issue, it’s important to contact a professional rather than attempt a do-it-yourself repair. Only the most experienced plumbers with the most state-of-the-art equipment are selected to be part of the SoCal Plumbers 911 referral network.


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Clogged Drains

A minor drain clog can be annoying, but left untreated it can also lead to a costly plumbing emergency. If you’ve tried the over-the-counter solutions available at your supermarket or home improvement store (some of which can cause damage to your pipes) and still have a recurring drainage issue, it’s time to call in professional help.

The plumbers in the SoCal Plumbers 911 network will use video camera technology to diagnose the problem, and a high-pressure hydro jetting method instead of “snaking” to clean most drains. With the blockage removed we’ll leave your drains working like new.

Sewer Cleaning

The technicians on our referral network are dedicated to solving the most complicated sewer cleaning problems.

Sewer lines are out of sight and not something homeowners think about often, but they play a vital role in removing dirty water and waste from the plumbing in your home. Sewer clogs can lead to drain back-ups and other problems.

If you suspect a sewer issue, contact SoCal Plumbers 911 immediately. Our licensed plumbers are trained to diagnose, repair and maintain your home’s sewer lines, and solve any problems big or small.


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